Conrad Jennings – Managing Director

Prior to establishing Conrad Jennings & Associates, Conrad thrived for 13 years in all phases of cost segregation operations, including leadership and client relations for some of the finest CPA firms in the industry.

His primary duties included production, training, managing accounts and final quality control. Conrad has personally performed over 1,000 engineering-based cost segregation studies, including, but not limited to office buildings, medical office buildings, supermarkets, retail centers, restaurants, automobile dealerships, automotive repair facilities, manufacturing facilities, motels, hotels, apartments, nursing homes, assisted living facilities and warehouse properties.

Before beginning his career in cost segregation, Conrad served in the US Navy for 18 years. After retiring from the Navy in 1996, he earned his Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering Technology from Southern Polytechnic State University in Marietta, Georgia.

Upon graduating with his engineering degree in 1996, he worked in the power generation industry where he performed the duties of design engineer and project manager for numerous multi-million dollar hydroelectric power plant upgrades.  During that time, Conrad performed field engineering and consulting duties in the paper and pulp industry involving extensive onsite field documentation, sub-contractor scheduling, project coordination of numerous instrumentation and system upgrade projects.  As one of three field engineers, he also was responsible for final field verification of all instruments, control hardware, power requirements and control system communications.